As a personal life coach I work to support you to find solutions and ways to bring out your true self. Our best self can get buried under the weight of daily living, leaving you feeling as though you haven’t achieved your true potential in life.

In our consultation we focus in a holistic way so that you can make the changes that have the best outcomes and which quickly improve your well-being.

Together we identify manageable steps to achieve aims and remove any barriers and use easy mind-set tools. I work in a gentle but powerful way to support you to achieve personal growth; to gain confidence in a professional and personal capacity and see positive changes happen quickly.

I have been interested in personal growth and development for many years. I have a background in training, teaching and holistic health. I was a Director at an international College of Complementary Therapies where the range of courses included stress management, yoga, massage, nutritional therapy and reflexology so I have been involved in personal transformation for over 30 years.

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How can I help you?

I am approachable and person centred. The relationship between the coach and client is crucial and I will establish a rapport with you so that  you can achieve clarity, motivation and more inner peace in your life.

I listen to your concerns and together we map out a way forward which raises your confidence, moves you forward and reduces anxiety and negative thinking. Coaching works quickly and effectively. It is an effective tool.

Coaching works quickly and effectively

Initial consultation

An initial 10 minute consultation to allow me to get to know you and your aspirations. For your convenience we do this over Microsoft Teams.


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Transforming daily routines and stuck patterns of behaviour

One-to-one sessions

Our structured sessions will focus on any challenges you may be facing and working towards taking control of your life.

Each session is 60 minutes and block bookings must be made prior to first session. Book four sessions together and receive a preferential rate.

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